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New Category: Picture of the Day

May 21st, 2012

Hello everyone!

We have introduced a new category to the blog; "Picture of the Day." POTD was inspired by the late, but great (rest in peace) (apparently the site is back up, yay!) and the insatiable appetite for single hentai pics from the guys at Most pictures featured on POTD will be from unknown sources that we found while scouring the web, so if you know anything about the picture ie: name of character in picture, series picture is from, or the artist's name, please post in the comments! The true reason for the creation of the POTD category, however, is so we can maintain focus on our new current project: completely redesigning the member's area, adding a member's cg, doujin, and expanding the games section. Not only that, but we are more than doubling the content in the member's hentai anime section! I'll go into detail on that later.

POTD is a way for us to maintain fresh, daily content in the blog that takes minimal effort and time so we can focus our efforts in the member's section. We will try to occasionally post full sets, but for the most part it will be POTD for the next few months.'s Brand-Spankin' New Blog!

March 24th, 2010

Japanimoo Hentai Babe

Hello, and welcome to japanimoo's blog! Here, we will try to review as much hentai material as possible. From anime, to cg, doujinshi, manga, games, etc. There are only a couple of us, so the process will take some time. Everything that will be reviewed can also be found either in japanimoo's free area or member's area. Plus we will be adding quite a bit of downloads through sites like deposit files. If you have any requests of any type of hentai material to be available for download and reviewed, please leave us feedback below!